7 Types of Neck Pain and Chiropractic Treatment in Salt Lake City, UT

Neck pain is common but manifests differently for everyone, even when the underlying anatomical issue is the same. However, the better you can describe your neck pain, the better your care team can understand the underlying problem, increasing the chances of getting help.

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Otherwise, here are the seven different types of neck pain.

Muscle Pain

side view of a man with neck pain holding his neck
types of neck pain

Muscle strains, sprains, and tears are the most common neck pain catalysts. These can happen when you overextend neck muscle and tear the layer of connective tissue. The tear weakens the muscle and causes pain. The bigger the overexertion, the worse the inflammation, swelling, pain, and recovery period.

Some causes of muscle pain include:

  • Prolonged physical stress
  • Emotional stress

Muscle Spasm

A muscle spasm is a sudden, painful contraction of the muscles. When you have a muscle spasm, your neck might feel tight, making it difficult to turn your head. Muscle spasm usually stems from:

  • Muscle injury
  • Spinal disc issues
  • Nerve problems
  • Emotional stress


Neck-related headaches often affect the back of the head and the upper neck. The pain stems from muscle tension or spasm and is usually dull rather than sharp. Your neck might also feel stiff and tender. Moving your neck may worsen the headache.

Nerve Pain

Nerve pain in the neck is associated with sharp, fleeting, and severe pain accompanied by pins and needles irritation. The pain may shoot down the arm or hands, depending on the nerve involved.

Facet Joint pain

Facet neck pain is described as a deep, sharp, or aching pain in the facial joints that worsens when you turn your head to the affected side. The pain may radiate to your shoulder or upper back.

Bone Pain

Bone pain entails pain and tenderness in the cervical vertebrae. While less common, bone pain is usually severe and requires medical attention because it’s a sign of a more serious problem.

Referred Pain

Referred pain is neck pain triggered by a problem in another body part. For instance, neck pain when you eat may stem from the oesophagus, while one that worsens with exertion may indicate a heart problem.

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