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Chiropractic care for children can be just as beneficial as it is for adults

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One of our specialties at Creekside Chiropractic is pediatric chiropractic care in Salt Lake City. This means we can provide the same level of care for babies and for children that we do for adults. We can provide this level of care because our specialists understand all the physiological differences between young patients and adults, and the most common problems experienced by younger individuals.

In addition to having smaller bodies, youngsters have a system of musculature that is less developed, which means much less support for the spine and for the joints of the body. Babies and children are more flexible than adults, and will have much looser ligaments which support and protect the joints in their bodies.

Their nervous systems are also not nearly as well developed as adult systems are, nor are their immune systems as robust as adults’ are. They’re much more susceptible to digestive problems because their digestive systems aren’t fully developed yet. One of the advantages that children have over adults is that they’re generally much better at handling physical trauma than adults, for instance recovering from all kinds of falls which might hospitalize an adult.

Why babies and children need chiropractic care

Health care plans for natural development

The number one reason why babies and children require chiropractic care just like adults do, is that they have the same spinal and nervous systems that adults do. That being the case, the spinal system and the nervous system are subject to the same kinds of stresses and trauma that an adult might experience. There is some very delicate nerve tissue around the spinal cord, and anything that causes a change in the alignment or the function of those nerves, can end up causing pain and discomfort to a young person.

This can be a critical factor in a young person because while they’re undergoing this pain and discomfort, their bodies are also growing and developing at a very rapid rate. As a child undergoes its natural development, it’s not generally a smooth, consistent process, but instead it happens in spurts where major development occurs all at once, and then the development process subsides for time.

If a child is unable to draw on all the resources they need during one of these growth spurts, it can hinder their future development seriously. That makes it essential that a child have normally functioning spinal and nervous systems, so that natural development can be fully supported during all periods of growth.

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Children living in modern times

Technology can adversely effect your child’s health

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Because we all live in the information age, there are a number of additional pressures and influences which are being exerted on youngsters at all times. One of the most prevalent influences is that youngsters of today don’t get enough physical exercise, and that has given rise to unusually high rates of obesity and cardiovascular issues. Children of today also are more likely to acquire poor posture as a result of sitting for hours looking at their smartphone, laptops, or computers.

A condition has already been identified which is known as ‘text neck’, which is a semi-permanent alteration in the curvature of the neck that is attributable to staring at electronic devices (and/or texting) for hours. If these conditions are not treated at a young age, they can become permanent for the individual as an adult.

If you notice any kind of development like this in your youngster, bring them in for consultation as soon as possible at Creekside Chiropractic, so we can do everything possible to reverse the situation and restore your child’s healthy posture. Children of today are more at risk than at any other time in history for developing poor posture, and for acquiring spinal misalignment.

Unless these situations are addressed at a young age, it becomes more and more difficult to reverse them at more mature stages of a person’s life. That’s why it’s critical that you consult with a pediatric chiropractor in order to maintain your child’s optimal state of wellness, good posture, and healthy spinal alignment.

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