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One of the most commonly occurring issues related to spinal health in modern society has become poor posture and hyperkyphosis. Ironically, it’s one of the conditions which is most often ignored by individuals who have back pain, usually because they have lived with the condition for several years and don’t really often about it.

Someone who does become aware of it might realize one day that they have begun to hunch over, that their clothes may be fitting differently, or that they seem to be getting shorter. The friends and family members around you may also be suggesting that you stand up straight or sit up straight more frequently, as it becomes apparent to them.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you may be in the beginning stages of hyperkyphosis. The reason it’s so prevalent in our society today is that many of us have adopted a more or less sedentary lifestyle, which often calls for sitting at a desk for many years. A great many people are also glued to their cell phones or laptops, and invariably lean forward to get a better view of the monitor, which contributes to poor posture and hyperkyphosis.

Good posture

How do we define it?

Posture is measured both from the side view, which is referred to as the sagittal view, and the front or coronal view. As you stand in front of someone looking at them, the center of their head should be directly over the center of the rib cage and shoulders, and the head should not be tilted or shifted to either side. Their shoulders and rib cage should be centered directly over the pelvis area, and neither shoulder should be higher than the other, or shifted to one side.

As you look at the individual, you should see their hips centered directly over their feet. From the side view, you should notice that the ear is directly above the top of the shoulder, and that the shoulder is aligned with the hips. The hips should be centered directly above the ankles. When you have good posture like this, it will naturally allow your spine to be in its optimal position, and your body will experience maximum energy efficiency. In this ideal posture position, the effects of gravity will be much less emphasized on all the ligaments, muscles, and joints of your body.

What is hyperkyphosis?

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It has been described as an abnormal and excessive rounding noticeable in the upper spine, and it has been strongly associated with back pain, neck pain, headaches, and reduced self-esteem as well. A number of studies have shown conclusively that seniors with hyperkyphosis can expect to have a shorter lifespan than individuals of the same age who do not have the condition.

The condition currently affects somewhere between 20% and 40% of the entire population, although this is skewed more heavily toward senior citizens. In recent years, however, hyperkyphosis has become much more common among younger people, primarily due to their increasingly sedentary lifestyle, as well as all the changes brought about by the technological age.

There are many possible causes of the condition and a number of factors that contribute to it. Some of these are vertebral compression fractures, muscle weakness, any kind of degenerative change to the spine, poor posture, and negatively impacted biomechanics. There are some non-invasive rehabilitation programs and therapies which can be used to treat hyperkyphosis, and these have been shown to be effective at improving biomechanics. In some cases, spinal traction can also be employed, especially when used in tandem with therapeutic exercises and spinal manipulation.

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