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posture diagrams

Your posture is the blueprint to what is going on with your spine. When most people think of “bad posture” they think rounding of the shoulders with the head and neck being more forward than normal. Unfortunately, the bad habits of modern society have caused an increase in bad posture. Tech neck or Forward head posture is becoming a common site in everyday posture. We slump all day long looking at our phones for a prolonged period. Bad posture over time creates restricted bones, tightened muscles, and irritated nerves. These restrictions increase pressure on the joints and cause degeneration.

Are you a headache or migraine sufferer? It has been shown in research studies that forward head posture is associated with headaches and migraines.

So, what should normal posture look like? From the front your spine should be perfectly straight and from the side there should be three distinct curves. The ear should be over the shoulder, the shoulder should be over the hip, the hip over the knee, and the knee over the ankle.

When we look at posture from the front, we should see that the head is centered over the shoulders. The head should not be tilted or rotated. The shoulders should be level. There should be no twisting of the shoulders or ribcage. The shoulders and ribcage should be centered over the hips. And finally, the hips should be centered over the feet.

At Creekside Chiropractic, we use state-of-the-art software to detect and measure ALL abnormal postures. Once we find out what your posture looks like that enables the doctor to come up with corrective exercises, traction and corrective adjustments to help restore your abnormal posture back to normal. You do not have to tolerate poor posture; your poor posture can be improved.

Did you know that Corrective Poor Posture Adjustments can help with:

Are you observing any of the symptoms below?

  • Improve “forward head posture”
  • Improve “hunchback” posture
  • Correct uneven shoulders
  • Correct flaring of the scapula
  • Correct “tech neck”

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