Scoliosis: The Importance of Early Detection

Scoliosis affects almost 2 to 3 percent of the US population, more prevalent in teenagers. It is a lateral curvature of the spine, characterized by a sideways S-shaped or C-shaped profile. Its severity ranges from mild to severe, with symptoms ranging from painless to debilitating.

At its core, Scoliosis can occur at any age but most often develops during childhood and early stages of adolescence. Although it hardly leads to progressive health complications, it can trigger chronic conditions like back and neck pains.

At Creekside Chiropractic, we believe that early detection is the key to treating Scoliosis. If your child has been diagnosed with Scoliosis or developed symptoms, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Salt Lake City, UT, for early examination and treatment.

In this blog, we discuss the essence of early detection in the treatment of Scoliosis.

x-ray of spine with scoliosis

Early Detection Means Early Treatment

Being proactive about your health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Early detection can help you spot a potentially serious condition before it becomes life-threatening. It also allows you to get treatment before symptoms become severe.

Scoliosis must be diagnosed by a chiropractor, pediatrician, or orthopedist familiar with its symptoms. If detected early, medical intervention can prevent spinal fusion surgery.

However, when surgery is necessary, modern techniques such as spinal implants and bone grafts make the recovery period shorter and more comfortable for patients.

Find High-Risk Cases

Early detection will help identify high-risk factors. Such factors include family history or genetic risk factors for Scoliosis – those who have had orthopedic problems involving abnormal spinal curvature in the past and those with abnormal body proportions such as excess weight gain around the waist.

Still, many other risk factors are more difficult to assess, including congenital disabilities such as spina bifida and spinal cord malformations.

End Fear and Anxiety

Early detection is key to a successful outcome in the management of Scoliosis. The earlier a child is diagnosed with Scoliosis, the better chance of being treated before the curve progresses too far.

Scheduling regular doctor visits with your pediatrician every six months will help ensure your child receives an early diagnosis if they are found to have any signs of Scoliosis during their exam.

Help Doctors and Researchers Alike

Scoliosis can be painful and debilitating, but it is not life-threatening. Early detection of Scoliosis can help doctors and researchers better understand the causes and effects of this disease. A doctor may recommend an x-ray or MRI scan to detect Scoliosis early on in life and during adolescence, when symptoms may begin to appear.

Reach Out for Scoliosis Chiropractic Care in Salt Lake City, UT

As an abnormality associated with numbness, weakness, and intense pressure on your nerves and discs, we are aware of the pain and discomfort it can bring to you and your loved ones. At Creekside Chiropractic, we recommend early detection as it consequently helps in early treatment, helping fast-track your journey to healthy living once again. Book an appointment with our chiropractor at your convenient time, or call us at (801) 256-6675, and we will be glad to help.

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