Scoliosis Chiropractic Care

Scoliosis is a fairly common spinal deformity in which the spine develops abnormally with one or more curves that aren’t supposed to be there. In most cases, scoliosis tends to be milder, but there are some severe cases that call for surgery in order to correct the improper curvature of the spine. Some of the most troublesome symptoms associated with scoliosis include uneven posture, organ damage, pain, reduced flexibility, and difficulty breathing, and in the most extreme cases, it can actually cause death. To overcome all these symptoms, you should seek out scoliosis chiropractic care at our Creekside Chiropractic center in Salt Lake City.

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Care for scoliosis

Anyone afflicted by scoliosis will generally have to go through the same three components of an effective program of care, those being assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. During the assessment phase, a patient will be screened to determine whether or not they have scoliosis, and how severe the situation is if they do have it. This is a non-invasive physical exam that can be accomplished in less than a minute and is administered by a trained professional who observes the body closely for irregular spinal curvature or signs of uneven posture.

If a person does have scoliosis, a healthcare professional can then initiate discussions about monitoring the situation and some type of treatment plan. Regular monitoring of scoliosis is a very important part of overall care because it’s necessary to determine whether or not the condition is worsening.

Any program of treatment will aim to increase the mobility and functionality of a patient’s body. Because of the abnormal curves of the spine, there can be increased pressure on the weight-bearing joints of the body, and this can be pain that is felt throughout the body, not just in the spinal area. Some potential treatments might include chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and bracing, although surgery might also be used as a last resort.

How chiropractic care helps scoliosis

Professional chiropractors are required to spend at least seven years in the study of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of issues related to the spine and the musculoskeletal system. This kind of training and background makes them ideal practitioners for managing health issues like scoliosis. Some of the treatment techniques used by chiropractors will involve lifestyle counseling, pain alleviation, and the restoration of a level of mobility. An expert chiropractor will be able to provide specific care in these three areas:

  • Monitoring scoliosis – it happens fairly often that scoliosis can become worse, and wreak havoc with a person’s lifestyle. A chiropractor is very skilled at monitoring even slight changes in the condition of a person’s scoliosis, and this is especially true for adolescent individuals whose bodies are still growing and developing.
  • Functional support – there are sometimes other conditions that bother an individual who is suffering from scoliosis, and this will call for treatment other than direct care of the spine. Sometimes, uneven posture will cause an individual to favor one side of their body over another, and this could lead to pain or discomfort in the hips or other joints. Chiropractic care can treat these related issues, so the sufferer is not obliged to endure even more pain.
  • Referral to medical specialists – chiropractors often work with other medical professionals, and when they observe that scoliosis is worsening, they will often refer them to other professionals who can deliver additional support and treatment to help an individual suffering from scoliosis.

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