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If you need a chiropractor in Taylorsville, Utah, look no further than our welcoming clinic in that city. We have on staff a number of highly qualified practitioners who are adept at identifying the cause of your pain and then working toward the elimination of it. Our approach to delivering top-notch care starts right from the initial consultation, where we will interview you about your medical history and about exactly what kind of pain you’ve been experiencing. Then we’ll make use of our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain and discomfort.

This is a very important step in the process, because it will tell us exactly where the source of your issue is, and it will indicate a specific approach to treatment. Some conventional doctors might simply prescribe drugs that will mask your symptoms for a while, and then all the pain will return once the medication wears off. If you’re ready to break that cycle of medicating the pain away, you should definitely explore the possibilities and advantages of chiropractic care. Rather than simply masking symptoms, chiropractic care seeks to discover the underlying cause of pain, and then reduce or eliminate it entirely.


Some Services That We Offer

The services we provide for our patients are all in keeping with sound chiropractic philosophy which views the body in its entirety, recognizing that it is an integrated whole, with all systems working closely together and having an impact on each other. This understanding is what allows chiropractors to identify the true source of pain, and address it in the most effective manner. Here are some of our primary services, each of which will be administered by a highly trained, knowledgeable professional:

  • Sciatica treatment – this large nerve that runs from the lower back down to the extremities can cause shooting or throbbing pain, and that can be managed through chiropractic care
  • Scoliosis – when treated early, the curvature of the spine can be arrested and sometimes reversed to some extent
  • Massage therapy – this can be extremely effective for pain relief, especially when used as an accompaniment to gentle spinal manipulation
  • Headaches and migraines – many of these are actually attributable to issues originating in the neck and shoulders, and the frequency and severity can be lessened by chiropractic care
  • Neck and shoulder pain – often caused by pressure exerted on nerves by some kind of spinal misalignment, these issues can often be cleared up with manipulation of the vertebrae
  • Lower back pain – one of the most common of all types of bodily pains, this is often due to some kind of spinal subluxation that has occurred and can be effectively treated by our experts.

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You don’t have to live with chronic back pain or any other kind of discomfort associated with spinal misalignment. Contact us today and arrange for an initial consultation, so our expert chiropractors can begin the process of identifying the real cause of your pain. When we know that, we’ll collaborate with you on the preparation of a treatment program that will set you on the path toward a pain-free lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

Headaches treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“Great personalized chiropractic services!! Dr. Brown and his staff makes this office a very welcoming place to come to regularly for your services and delivers outstanding care. He is a doctor that will take the time to listen to your complaints and create a detailed personalized plan specific for your needs. I am very grateful to say that my headaches, back soreness and neck tightness have completely gone away since starting my care with him. He takes on a more conservative but aggressive approach in chiropractic and treats patient with traction; which i’ve Learn to love because of its results!! I would recommend him and his service to anyone!”

- Cammy L.

Poor Posture in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“I was a little hesitant on the whole "chiropractic" experience. I had preconceived ideas of what it would be like. But, I was wrong. Creekside Chiropractic takes health and Chiropractic seriously. They specialize in CBP - Clinical Biomechanics of Posture, a certain method of chiropractic that focuses on overall health and producing improved posture, spinal alignment and restoration of essential spinal curves. If you want to take your overall health seriously, I recommend Creekside Chiropractic.”

- Marilyn B.

Herniated Disc Treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“Miracle worker!! I went to see Dr. Brown for a persistent neck and shoulder ache that medical doctors failed to diagnose. They told me it was a strained muscle every time I went to urgent care, they never ordered imaging and they sent me home to take some NSAIDs and Tylenol. The first thing Dr. Brown did was to take x-rays of my spine. He diagnosed multiple issues that were going on with it and based on my symptoms he told me that it was possible that I had a herniated disc. He suggested a light adjustment to relieve the pain. He told me if it got worse, it's more than likely that there was something wrong in the soft tissue and that I would need an MRI. The pain got worse after the adjustment and I spent the night at the ER, with more doctors telling me it's a "strained muscle", "Have you been stressed lately?", "Maybe it's fibromyalgia?". I basically had to beg them for steroids. Dr. Brown ordered an MRI and found out that I had a couple of herniated discs and a couple of bulging. One was very large. He followed up with me and explained what was going on thoroughly. He made me feel safe and heard. He urged me to book an appointment with a surgeon for a consultation before doing any alignment work. If it wasn't for him, nobody would diagnose what was wrong in my neck for many more painful months. He's amazing to work with and once my herniated discs are healed, I will work with him to fix the underlying issues causing them. It was a treat to work with someone who cares so much about his patients.”

- Selva B.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“I just wrapped up my treatment with Dr. Brown and I couldn't be more happy with my experience. I began seeing him in August and loved the whole process. He ensures that you, as a patient, are as dedicated to your care as he is. He also ensures that you know exactly what he is doing and the reasoning behind it. Before Dr. Brown, at age 24 I had already resigned myself to the thinking that pain was just a part of life and that the headaches and the low back pain would always be there. I distinctly remember a moment, about a month after regularly seeing Dr. Brown, when I was in the middle of a long car ride and I noticed I couldn't feel any back pain- it literally brought me to tears because I couldn't remember the last time I experienced that. Dr. Brown really knows what he's doing and genuinely cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.”

- Desa T.

Neck Pain Treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“Dr. Brown is great!! He is very nice and knowledgeable, and takes the time to get to know you. He not only adjusts my back, he does tradition exercises to help correct and change it! Since coming here, my neck has improved by approximately 25% and I no longer experience back pain for the first time in 10 years!!! His “aides” are also very helpful and kind. I would recommend Creekside Chiropractics to anyone who is seeking permanent changes! It’s totally worth it!”

- Shay I.

Back pain treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“I have been going to Dr. Brown for many months. I am pretty much pain free. I started going when I was having pain in my leg when I walked. I have back problems, but am having less trouble now than before I went to Dr. Brown. I have no leg pain any more. I had plantar fasciitis and it was painful to walk. He massaged it away. He treats unlike any other chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I’m grateful to find a good doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Brown. I’m grateful to find a good chiropractor.”

- Dorothy L.

Auto injury treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“I love my experience with Dr. Brown. He is very thro and pops me back in alignment in no time. I would highly recommend him for anyone suffering from debilitating low back, neck and hip pain. I have chronic pain stiffness and suffer from multiple serious car accidents. We are currently doing traction on my neck and it is working great! I really appreciate Creekside Chiropractic”

- Duncan L.

Sports injury treatment in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“I met Dr. Brown at a Farmers Market (first good sign) and after 12+ years of daily neck pain, I decided would give him a shot. The cause of my neck pain probably stemmed from a car accident and years of football. The last 5 years I've felt like I had not actually slept at all no matter how long I was actually in bed along with daily headaches that made life really rough. The lack of sleep and pain made my relationship with myself and my loved ones extremely hard due to my body never properly healing on a nightly basis. This last Sunday I woke up with a pain that put me in tears and was convinced my body was just going down the drain. I met with Dr. Brown the next day and by the end of the week my life had changed. I am actually PAIN FREE for the first time in YEARS. I told Dr. Brown that my R.E.M. stage of sleep along with dreams have been constipated for the last 5 years because of the pain. The floodgates opened up due to Dr. Brown's great work allowing for great nights of sleep/dreaming with NO PAIN. Dr. Brown is a true professional that cares about his patients health instead of treating them like numbers. If you are on the fence about chiropractic care or are looking for the right Dr., please do yourself and everyone who cares about you a favor and call Dr. Brown right now. We only have the one body and life, might as well make it as pleasant as possible right? Thanks Dr. Brown and to the staff at Creekside for everything.”

- John M.

Chiropractic care in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“Staff is very personable and easy to talk to. They have Genuine concern for your well being. Great Chiropractic care. They explain you treatment plan with you in detail before you begin and they track your progress well.”

- Cameron W.

Scoliosis doctor in Taylorsville, Utah, 84129

“I've been seeing Dr. Brown at Creekside Chiro for some time now, at least two years about, I'm someone who was out browsing the internet for a awhile researching, at first a practice that I discovered in Phoenix, AZ called the Activator method that was praised for its gentle pressure relieving without having to be abrasive toward a patient. I myself have Scoliosis and when I called up Creekside to ask questions, Dr. Brown listened and said Scoliosis was in his area, (grateful). Dr. Brown has Traction equipment to get my spine were it needs to be and they are the real deal each time I use them. No complaints and an active patient as of today. Woo! P.S Dr. Brown is a kind human being and that is key.”

- Angelo S.