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For treatment of many kinds of pain such as lower back pain, your best option is to seek the services of a skilled chiropractor in South Salt Lake, Utah. We have a number of such skilled practitioners on our staff at Creekside Chiropractor, and each of them has all the knowledge and experience necessary to reduce or eliminate your pain and discomfort and help you move toward a pain-free lifestyle. Our approach to whole-body wellness involves seeking the true cause of your pain, rather than simply masking any symptoms you feel with painkillers and medications.

Medication might relieve your pains for a while, but when the medication wears off, the pain will come right back again. Rather than simply mask your symptoms with painkillers, the better approach will always be to find the actual source of that pain and eliminate it. That’s exactly what chiropractic care does, and that’s why it’s the most effective way to deal with such issues. When you visit our clinic, we’ll listen closely to how you describe what you’re feeling, then we’ll use our modern diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the true source of your pain. After that, we’ll work with you to develop a customized program of treatment that will progressively move you toward eliminating your discomfort.


Some of the Services That We Offer

In order to provide the best possible care for our patients, we offer a number of excellent chiropractic care services, each of which will be administered by a well-qualified, knowledgeable professional. Each of these services aligns strongly with the chiropractic philosophy of whole-body wellness, and treating the body as an integrated whole, rather than isolating any particular body part as a focal point. That’s why chiropractic care is the most effective form of treatment for most body pains and discomforts. Here are some of our primary services:

  • Lower back pain – one of the most common of all pains, lower back pain is often attributable to spinal subluxations or misalignments, which require gentle manipulation to restore proper alignment
  • Neck and shoulder pain – these are often also due to some kind of misalignment, which has caused pressure to be exerted on the nerves, resulting in pain to the patient
  • Sciatica – many people experience shooting pain somewhere around the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back down through the extremities, and this can be treated effectively with chiropractic care
  • Scoliosis – when scoliosis is treated at a young age, the chances for significant recovery are much greater
  • Massage therapy – often used in tandem with spinal manipulation, this can be extremely useful in relieving pain
  • Headaches and migraines – often caused by issues in the neck and shoulders, migraine severity and frequency can be reduced through chiropractic care.

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When you’re ready to finally banish those aches and pains for good, contact us at Creekside Chiropractic in South Salt Lake, Utah. Once we’ve diagnosed any issues you’re going through, we’ll be able to work with you on a program that effectively relieves your pain, and puts you on the path to whole-body wellness.

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Customer Reviews

Headache treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84106

“Dr. Brown answered all of my questions and more. If you have back pain, neck pain or headache, make an appointment with Dr. Brown he will get your body back on track.”

- Jeff H.

Poor Posture in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84106

“Dr Brown is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever been to!!! Went in a year ago because of a car accident and recently went back in because of a slipped disk in a snowboarding accident... He is very thorough & transparent and will not move into treating you until you completely understand what he understands to be the problem. He uses a method to fix your neck and posture that I have never seen anywhere else and it works great!!! Every time I break myself I'll always come back!!!”

- Brady N.

Whiplash Treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84115

“Dr Brown & Shelby are the best! After going to a few other clinics around the valley, I'm so grateful to have found Creekside. I'm seeing so much progress as improvement after experiencing whiplash from a head-on collision.”

- Lauren R.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84119

“I've been in chiropractic care for years. I asked my favorite chiropractor why my back keeps going out. She says it's just life. I accepted that answer for a long time. When I couldn't schedule my normal visit I looked for another chiropractor. The first thing Eric wanted was an x-ray. I didn't want to pay for an x-ray, I wanted a quick fix. But I've got decent health insurance so I went ahead. My x-ray analysis showed my neck didn't have a natural curve to it. I had known something was up with my neck but my complaints were always with my lower back. Whiplash and head bashes can take the curve out of your neck. I've been in plenty of mountain bike accidents and a few rear-enders, one of them was severe. I've been at this treatment for more than a month now. This is called bio-mechanical chiropractic. It is possible to put the right curve back in your neck. I just saw the x-ray to prove it. I can feel my whole spine has been changing posture as the neck changed. So I guess the question I want endless adjustments or do I want to fix the underlying problem. Five stars.”

- Aaron W.

Neck Pain Treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84106

“Dr. Brown's approach to chiropractic care is very methodical and unique. He takes time to study your issues and creates a step by step approach to your specific needs and care. I have struggled with severe lower back and neck pain for 20 plus years and at times it was truly crippling. I would spend days laid up in bed with numbness in my limbs and constant migraines. After the initial consultation and x rays Dr. Brown created a care plan much different than I had experienced at other offices, it was educational, personalized and very successful. Through my initial 12 weeks Dr. Brown was able to correct my reverse curve in my neck as well as make substantial improvements with my spondylosis in my lower back. I have regained feeling in my thighs and I am able to actually enjoy golfing again. If you suffer from chronic pain, Creekside Chiropractic is a must.”

- Michael O.

Back pain treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84115

“Dr. Brown is the best! I first went to his office about a year and a half ago with constant back pain, headaches, and vertigo. Dr. Brown created a plan involing adjustments and traction to realign my spine to help with these issues. The process was long and sometimes hard, but the results are incredible. My back pain has decreased significantly along with my vertigo symptoms. My headaches are a thought of the past. I had headaches so often, I thought it was just a normal part of life everyone dealt with. They are pretty much gone completely now. The corrections that Dr. Brown did improved my daily life significantly. I had no idea that a chiropractor could help with so many issues other than back pain. Dr. Brown is a very caring person who is so passionate about bettering his patients lives. Again, THE BEST!”

- Kira S.

Auto injury treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84119

“Dr. Brown and his staff are incredible. I have been going for several months after a bad car accident and can feel and see the results. Dr. Brown does a great job of explaining exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it and made me feel extremely confident that he could help me. If anyone is looking for a new chiropractor I highly suggest stopping into his office.”

- Kevin F.

Sciatica treatment in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84106

“Dr. Brown is hands down the best chiropractor that I have ever gone to. As someone that works in the health field I appreciate the thoroughness and scientific approach that he clearly brings to his practice. I started treatment with Dr. Brown because one morning I woke up in tears and couldn't stand up straight. I had no idea why my back was hurting, but I was leaving on a trip the next day. I called at least 6 chiropractic offices. Dr. Brown was the first one to return my phone call and the only one that could get me in that day - he even came in before hours so he could help me. After seeing how competent he was and learning that I could correct my alignment to create REAL change, I was in. I no longer have headaches, my back rarely hurts and my sciatica issues have improved vastly. Dr. Brown has improved my life and I'm so grateful I met him!”

- Arin H.

Chiropractic care in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84115

“Any doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist I've ever had has pretty much told me the same thing; stop lifting so much. Then I met Eric, through the gym, no less. He understood that not lifting wasn't an option, and instead has been working with me on correcting the problem rather than just avoiding it. And now, after years of a back so bad it's put me through surgeries and tendonitis, I am finally moving the way I should, lifting the weights I want and just generally living better. As another perk, I'm an inch taller. So that's pretty cool. Eric has changed my life. Easy to work with too.”

- Logan R.

Pediatric chiropractor in South Salt Lake, Utah, 84119

“I have been taking my 11 year old son here for about 6 months and have seen fantastic results. He had a drastic curve in his spine and is now nearly straightened out! We have been very satisfied with Dr. Brown. I would definitely recommend.”

- Landon S.