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When you’re experiencing lower back pain, neck or shoulder pain, or possibly recurring migraine headaches, you should seek out the services of a qualified chiropractor in Sandy, Utah. You’ll find expert practitioners at our Creekside Chiropractic clinic in Sandy, Utah, and each member of our staff is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in identifying and treating bodily pains. Chiropractic care involves a different approach to relieving pain than conventional healthcare takes because it eschews the use of medication and painkillers in treating discomfort.

Our approach to pain relief

Those things only work for a short period of time, and when they wear off, all your pain comes right back again. You don’t have to live with chronic pain which needs to be medicated away repeatedly, because there’s a much better approach than that. When you visit us at our clinic, we’ll consult with you about what you’re feeling, and we’ll discuss your medical history with you, so we can gain an understanding of what you’ve been through. Then we’ll use our modern diagnostic equipment to identify the underlying cause of all your pain, and this will indicate a particular treatment that will be most effective.

When we develop a program of treatment for you, it will include your input and it will be a program that is customized to your specific experiences and your objectives with pain relief. We never take the cookie-cutter approach, which seeks to fit one stock program of treatment to all individuals. Everyone is a unique individual, and that means they need a personalized form of treatment, developed to manage their specific circumstances. You can be sure that your treatment at Creekside Chiropractic will be created with your personal situation in mind.


Some of the Services That We Offer

All of our chiropractic care services are delivered by highly trained professionals. Here are some of the services we are most frequently called upon to deliver to our patients:

  • Headaches and migraines – often caused by issues in the neck and shoulders, the frequency and intensity of migraines can often be lessened by chiropractic treatment
  • Sciatica treatment – we can pinpoint the cause of your sciatic nerve pain, and reduce or eliminate that pain
  • Scoliosis – when spinal curvature is identified at an early stage, the chances of effective treatment and recovery are much greater
  • Lower back pain – spinal manipulation is often very effective at relieving pain in the lower back
  • Neck and shoulder pain – pain felt in the neck or shoulders is sometimes the result of pressure being exerted on nerves, and this can be relieved through massage and manipulation
  • Massage therapy – when used with gentle spinal manipulation, this can be one of the most effective methods for pain relief.

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Don’t let yourself get caught up in the cycle of medicating the pain away, because there’s a way you can eliminate the pain altogether. Contact us at Creekside Chiropractic in Sandy, Utah, and arrange for an initial consultation with one of our skilled practitioners. That will finally put you on the right path, toward a pain-free kind of lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

Migraines treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“Fabulous chiropractor!! I went to see him after having 24 hours of a migraine that started in my lower neck and spread upward. I get these migraines sporadically, and they usually last for 2 days. Dr. Brown took x-rays, did neck adjustments, and then followed with treatment with heat and something like a tens machine (not sure the technical name). Within less than 30 minutes, I had full neck movement and the pain was gone. It is 2 hours later, and the pain is still gone. I will definitely be going to him for treatment in the future.”

- D. Y.

Poor Posture in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“I was skeptical about chiropractics for a long time and Dr. Brown's approach helped me understand the benefits. I like that he didn't just crank on my neck and back without understanding my situation and my spine. The fact that he took the time to do x-rays upfront, identified my problem areas, and devised a game plan specifically for me helped me get over the skepticism quickly. Plus, after several months of regular visits, I saw a huge improvement in my posture and, as strange as it sounds, felt more balanced. I would suggest any athletes or active people should go see him to help their performance. It certainly helped mine.”

- BJ S.

Hip Pain Treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“I love my experience with Dr. Brown. He is very thro and pops me back in alignment in no time. I would highly recommend him for anyone suffering from debilitating low back, neck and hip pain. I have chronic pain stiffness and suffer from multiple serious car accidents. We are currently doing traction on my neck and it is working great! I really appreciate Creekside Chiropractic”

- Duncan L.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“Dr. Brown is seriously awesome! I hurt my lower back at the gym and I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. He was able to see me the same day I called. Him and Tori, the receptionist, where very accommodating and helped me get back on my feet. Literally. Within a week I was feeling like myself again. NO PAIN!! I usually don't like doctors cause I feel like most of them only care about money and pushing drugs to get their kick backs. Not Dr. Brown. He genuinely cares for his patients and will do everything he can to help you. I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Brown!!”

- Eddie B.

Neck Pain Treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“I have seen countless chiropractors for the last 10 years as I have struggled with an intense reverse curve in my neck. It has caused me severe stress and pain. I have now been seeing Dr. Brown for over a year and have never felt better. I visit him 3 times a week and get adjusted as well as traction. His method to traction is the best I have ever seen/felt and it WORKS! It used to hurt to just have a necklace on my neck, now I don't even think about my neck at all because it is pain free. Dr. Brown is personable makes sure to make your time at Creekside quick, comfortable, effective, and easy.”

- Jessica B.

Back pain treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“Eric checks in with me every time I go in for an appointment to hear updates on how my back is doing. For my first appointment we had a long consultation about where my pain is and how my spine looks. He is a chiropractor that doesn't just crack you to make you feel better for the moment, but who is dedicated to HEALING YOU! I've been to a lot of healers for my back and he is among the best. He is also so friendly and wonderful as a human.”

- Elise S.

Auto injury treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“Dr Brown is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever been to!!! Went in a year ago because of a car accident and recently went back in because of a slipped disk in a snowboarding accident... He is very thorough & transparent and will not move into treating you until you completely understand what he understands to be the problem. He uses a method to fix your neck and posture that I have never seen anywhere else and it works great!!! Every time I break myself I'll always come back!!!”

- Brady N.

Scoliosis treatment in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“I've been seeing Dr. Brown at Creekside Chiro for some time now, at least two years about, I'm someone who was out browsing the internet for a awhile researching, at first a practice that I discovered in Phoenix, AZ called the Activator method that was praised for its gentle pressure relieving without having to be abrasive toward a patient. I myself have Scoliosis and when I called up Creekside to ask questions, Dr. Brown listened and said Scoliosis was in his area, (grateful). Dr. Brown has Traction equipment to get my spine were it needs to be and they are the real deal each time I use them. No complaints and an active patient as of today. Woo! P.S Dr. Brown is a kind human being and that is key.”

- Angelo S.

Chiropractic care in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“Dr. Brown is very knowledgeable and friendly, he puts you at ease right away. He is thorough and looks at pain from a holistic approach, taking care to examine the entire back and not just where the pain is occurring. It is clear that he sets out to solve the issue rather than treat symptoms, and he educates you on why he is doing what he does. The office staff are friendly and competent, and they do a great job if putting you at ease as you walk in the door. If you are considering chiropractic care or treatment, come see Dr. Brown!”

- Nicole H.

Pediatric chiropractor in Sandy, Utah, 84070

“Dr Brown helps me with my back after a car accident. He's treatments not just adjustments has helped me achieve sustainable correction. He also helped me with my son! My son is 14 yrs and Dr Brown helped us realize why it was painful for him to walk!! That's priceless to me!!”

- Lisa C.