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Many of the aches and pains you feel on a daily basis can be alleviated by a skilled chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the best clinic to find these skilled practitioners is at Creekside Chiropractic in the city. When you visit us at our clinic, we will consult with you about exactly what you’re feeling, and we’ll also inquire about your medical history. In many cases, your medical history and that of your immediate family will have a bearing on the kind of pain you’re experiencing, as well as what you might expect in the future.

After we’ve listened closely to your description of any pain or discomfort you have, we’ll use our modern diagnostic equipment to try and pinpoint the real cause of your pain. We won’t prescribe any drugs or painkillers, because those are just temporary fixes and as soon as they wear off, all the pain will come flooding back to you. Instead, we’ll try to get right to the heart of your pain and discomfort and find the precise body part or section which is causing the issue. Once we know that, we’ll be able to customize a treatment plan which will address your specific issues, and reduce or eliminate any pain you’re feeling.

The chiropractic approach

The chiropractic approach to health and wellness involves viewing the body in its entirety and understanding the impact that each of the different systems has on each other. You may be experiencing pain in your shoulders as a result of a spinal misalignment which is exerting pressure on nerves that connect to the shoulder. This view of wellness allows chiropractors to find the real source of a problem more often, and it points directly to a program of treatment that should be adopted.


Some of the Services That We Offer

We provide all the chiropractic services most commonly needed by our patients because many of the pains felt by our clients do fall into recognizable patterns and categories. Whenever we work with a patient on a wellness program, we will always customize it to the precise needs and objectives of the individual patient. That ensures that the best possible treatment is delivered to each and every client. Here are some of our more commonly administered services:

  • Scoliosis – the earlier that scoliosis is caught, the better the prospects are for successful treatment
  • Sciatica – we can help mitigate the pain you feel from your lower back down to your extremities
  • Headaches and migraines – many migraines can be cured or alleviated simply by addressing neck issues
  • Massage therapy – when used with gentle spinal manipulation, this can be highly effective
  • Neck and shoulder pain – often caused by spinal subluxations, these pains can be treated by spinal realignment
  • Lower back pain – the most common type of pain experienced by many Americans, is very treatable and correctable.

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When you’re suffering from either acute or chronic pain somewhere in your body, do contact us at Creekside Chiropractic. Our experts will diagnose the issue and customize a treatment plan which will reduce or eliminate your pain, and help you move toward a pain-free lifestyle.

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Customer Reviews

Migraines treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84143

“Dr. Brown's approach to chiropractic care is very methodical and unique. He takes time to study your issues and creates a step by step approach to your specific needs and care. I have struggled with severe lower back and neck pain for 20 plus years and at times it was truly crippling. I would spend days laid up in bed with numbness in my limbs and constant migraines. After the initial consultation and x rays Dr. Brown created a care plan much different than I had experienced at other offices, it was educational, personalized and very successful. Through my initial 12 weeks Dr. Brown was able to correct my reverse curve in my neck as well as make substantial improvements with my spondylosis in my lower back. I have regained feeling in my thighs and I am able to actually enjoy golfing again. If you suffer from chronic pain, Creekside Chiropractic is a must.”

- Michael O.

Poor Posture in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84150

“I was skeptical about chiropractics for a long time and Dr. Brown's approach helped me understand the benefits. I like that he didn't just crank on my neck and back without understanding my situation and my spine. The fact that he took the time to do x-rays upfront, identified my problem areas, and devised a game plan specifically for me helped me get over the skepticism quickly. Plus, after several months of regular visits, I saw a huge improvement in my posture and, as strange as it sounds, felt more balanced. I would suggest any athletes or active people should go see him to help their performance. It certainly helped mine.”

- BJ S.

Herniated Disc Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84165

“Dr Brown is hands down the best chiropractor I've ever been to!!! Went in a year ago because of a car accident and recently went back in because of a slipped disk in a snowboarding accident... He is very thorough & transparent and will not move into treating you until you completely understand what he understands to be the problem. He uses a method to fix your neck and posture that I have never seen anywhere else and it works great!!! Every time I break myself I'll always come back!!!”

- Brady N.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84184

“Dr. Brown is seriously awesome! I hurt my lower back at the gym and I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. He was able to see me the same day I called. Him and Tori, the receptionist, where very accommodating and helped me get back on my feet. Literally. Within a week I was feeling like myself again. NO PAIN!! I usually don't like doctors cause I feel like most of them only care about money and pushing drugs to get their kick backs. Not Dr. Brown. He genuinely cares for his patients and will do everything he can to help you. I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Brown!!”

- Eddie B.

Neck Pain Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84147

“On our first office visit, Dr. Brown took x-rays of my wife’s troubled neck and back before giving any therapy. He gave us a detailed summary of her issues, treatment options as well as discussed payment options to work within our budget. A few weeks later now my wife is seeing improvement in pain levels and better posture. I would highly recommend Dr. Brown to anyone that is seeking chiropractic care.”

- Glenna K.

Back pain treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84157

“Dr. Brown and his staff are incredible. I was referred by a friend to get a consultation after I was in a car accident. Once I met with Dr. Brown he was awesome at explaining what kind of treatment I would need and how the accident impacted me. I never felt lost and always knew I had a doctor who genuinely cared about my overall health. I feel amazing now that I am done with treatment. My everyday headaches have finally gone away as well as the constant pain in my neck and back. Creekside Chiropractic took amazing care of me and I know they will take amazing care of you. If you are looking for the perfect chiropractor, you have found it!”

- Jennifer O.

Auto injury treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84171

“Dr. Brown and his staff are incredible. I have been going for several months after a bad car accident and can feel and see the results. Dr. Brown does a great job of explaining exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it and made me feel extremely confident that he could help me. If anyone is looking for a new chiropractor I highly suggest stopping into his office.”

- Kevin F.

Sports injury treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84130

“I met Dr. Brown at a Farmers Market (first good sign) and after 12+ years of daily neck pain, I decided would give him a shot. The cause of my neck pain probably stemmed from a car accident and years of football. The last 5 years I've felt like I had not actually slept at all no matter how long I was actually in bed along with daily headaches that made life really rough. The lack of sleep and pain made my relationship with myself and my loved ones extremely hard due to my body never properly healing on a nightly basis. This last Sunday I woke up with a pain that put me in tears and was convinced my body was just going down the drain. I met with Dr. Brown the next day and by the end of the week my life had changed. I am actually PAIN FREE for the first time in YEARS. I told Dr. Brown that my R.E.M. stage of sleep along with dreams have been constipated for the last 5 years because of the pain. The floodgates opened up due to Dr. Brown's great work allowing for great nights of sleep/dreaming with NO PAIN. Dr. Brown is a true professional that cares about his patients health instead of treating them like numbers. If you are on the fence about chiropractic care or are looking for the right Dr., please do yourself and everyone who cares about you a favor and call Dr. Brown right now. We only have the one body and life, might as well make it as pleasant as possible right? Thanks Dr. Brown and to the staff at Creekside for everything.”

- John M.

Chiropractic care in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84148

“I was in Utah on vacation from Hawaii & I hurt my back really bad about halfway through my vacation. I had a hard time walking, couldn't sleep & was in the worst pain I've felt in a long time. Dr. Brown was able to get me in right away & knew exactly what was wrong & how to treat me. I hobbled in his office & walked out after. He saw me everyday after that until I returned home, including meeting me at his office on my way to the airport to adjust me so I could withstand the long flight home. I will recommend him to anyone in Utah & I will see him whenever I go to Utah. Dr. Brown is very good at what he does & am very much appreciative for him taking care of me while I was in Utah.”

- Mika S.

Pediatric chiropractor in Salt Lake City, Utah, 84158

“I have been taking my 11 year old son here for about 6 months and have seen fantastic results. He had a drastic curve in his spine and is now nearly straightened out! We have been very satisfied with Dr. Brown. I would definitely recommend.”

- Landon S.