Can a sports chiropractor help with my injury?

There are two ways that a skilled chiropractor can help you concerning sports injuries. A good chiropractor can keep your bones, tendons, and muscles loose and flexible. That will make it less likely that you sustain injuries during periods of heavy activity. Good chiropractic care will help you to avoid sports injuries. But if you do happen to get injured, a skilled chiropractor can go straight to the heart of the issue and help restore the damaged area so you can get back in action faster.

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How chiropractors help with sports injuries

Chiropractors are experts in manually adjusting your spine to ensure that all the vertebrae are balanced and aligned. That adjustment will release a great deal of tension in your body, allowing your body to function at its best and be less prone to any injuries. The goal of chiropractic care is to either restore or enhance functionality in your joints while also relieving any pain or inflammation that may be present. It is possible to provide this type of hands-on therapy because chiropractors have in-depth knowledge of the body, particularly the spine.

Causes of sports injuries

There are three primary causes of sports injuries:

  • Overtraining – when you’ve failed to warm up properly for an event, your muscles aren’t ready to take on an increased level of activity. In the same way, if you are training too hard, you can be stressing out muscles and joints that are not ready for that increased level of activity.
  • Repetitive motions – when you repeat the same motions in some sports activity over and over again, it puts a great deal of pressure on specific areas of the body. Thus making it more likely they will break down. Consider the repetitive motion involved in competitive rowing. The athlete must repeatedly exert a powerful pulling action with his arms and a thrusting action with his legs. This type of activity puts extra pressure on specific body parts and increases your chances of a breakdown.
  • Forceful impacts – these are more likely to occur in contact sports such as football or soccer. It’s easy for your spine to become misaligned when your body experiences such forceful impacts.

Prevention and faster healing

A chiropractor can relieve your body’s muscles, joints, and tendons of pressure and strain, leading to an increased range of motion and flexibility. This means that the much greater amount of activity you undergo in sports competition is less likely to cause misalignments in your spine or sprains and strains to your joints.

After you suffer an injury you can recover much quicker from that injury when you get regular chiropractic care. The first thing your chiropractor will do is use modern diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the problem in your body. We will then create a treatment plan to restore you to optimal alignment, relieving any pain or discomfort and getting you back to work much faster.

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