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Individuals seeking a chiropractor in Millcreek East, Utah should contact Creekside Chiropractic before any other clinic. We feel we have the most knowledgeable and the most experienced practitioners in the state at our clinic, and that will be a huge benefit to all our clients. If you’ve never received chiropractic care before, you will appreciate the fact that it does not attempt to solve bodily issues by recommending painkillers and medications. All these only provide temporary relief, and when they wear off, you’ll have to start medicating all over again.

A much better approach is to use the philosophy espoused by chiropractic care, which involves discovering the underlying cause of your pain, rather than simply trying to mask the symptoms with drugs. When the real cause of your pain and discomfort is known, a program of treatment can be developed which includes removing that underlying cause, so you can move closer toward a pain-free state of existence. We can identify the real cause of your pain by using our modern diagnostic equipment, as well as listening closely to everything you tell us about what you’re feeling.


Some of the Services That We Offer

We offer the services which are most in need by our patients because we recognize that these are the services that will lessen and remove the kinds of pain which most people experience. If you aren’t sure which services you need, please do contact us and have our experts fit the appropriate service to the kind of discomfort you’re feeling. Here are some of the most frequently needed services which we provide at our clinic:

  • Lower back pain – this is one of the most common issues faced by patients today, and our professional chiropractors are highly skilled at reducing the level of pain you feel, as well as removing the source of pain altogether
  • Neck and shoulder pain – pain in these areas is often attributable to misaligned bones and pressured nerves, either in the neck and shoulder areas themselves or by spinal misalignment
  • Sciatica – This is pain associated with the sciatic nerve, which can effectively be treated by our chiropractic specialists
  • Scoliosis – if we treat your scoliosis early enough, the chances are much better for arresting its progress, and possibly reversing the effects
  • Migraines and headaches – many times, migraines can be effectively treated by treating damaged nerves in the area of the neck
  • Massage therapy – massage therapy is often coupled with gentle spinal manipulation, to bring about effective relief of pain in many different areas of the body.

Contact us

Before talking to any other clinic personnel, we hope you’ll call us at Creekside Chiropractic. We feel we can deliver the very best service to you, and that your best chance of a full recovery from any pain you have will involve treatment from our experts. All the professionals at Creekside are extremely adept at determining the true cause of your issues, and then working with you to devise a program of treatment that effectively manages pain and discomfort, while also eliminating the underlying cause of that pain.

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Customer Reviews

Headaches treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84106

“Been going to Dr . Brown for years ,I get bad headaches when one comes up I just call and Dr Brown gets me right in ,and a half hr later I walk out without the headache . You the man Doc!”

- J. P. F.

Poor Posture in Millcreek, Utah, 84109

“Dr. Brown did an incredible job. I came in with lower back pain that had been making it difficult to keep up with daily activities. Dr. Brown was able to get rid of the pain completely. He also showed me how to read my X-ray so that I could fully understand what was wrong and what we were going to correct. I like that he gave me a thorough introduction to his office so that I was comfortable with the practice and the open layout. He truly cares about getting the patient back on track and communicates with them every step of the way. I'm now pain free and I've noticed my posture is much better too. It did take some time to fix some of my problems, but it was totally worth it since I can get back to hiking, biking, and going on road trips pain free. I'm so happy I found a doctor I can freely communicate with and one that doesn't string me along to get the money. You'll love your visit, you'll love the environment, and you'll love your results!”

- Michael G.

Sports Injury Treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84106

“I hate to be redundant, but as the other reviews mentioned, Dr. Brown cares about your overall health and a path to recovery and healing. Compred to others that seem to care more about a path to recurring payments. My notions of that field of medicine were turned upside down when he explained his philosophy. I almost forgot to mention, he helped me through an injury, and i feel like I have a new back!”

- Calvin H.

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84109

“I just wrapped up my treatment with Dr. Brown and I couldn't be more happy with my experience. I began seeing him in August and loved the whole process. He ensures that you, as a patient, are as dedicated to your care as he is. He also ensures that you know exactly what he is doing and the reasoning behind it. Before Dr. Brown, at age 24 I had already resigned myself to the thinking that pain was just a part of life and that the headaches and the low back pain would always be there. I distinctly remember a moment, about a month after regularly seeing Dr. Brown, when I was in the middle of a long car ride and I noticed I couldn't feel any back pain- it literally brought me to tears because I couldn't remember the last time I experienced that. Dr. Brown really knows what he's doing and genuinely cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.”

- Desa T.

Neck Pain Treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84109

“Dr. Brown and his staff are incredible. I was referred by a friend to get a consultation after I was in a car accident. Once I met with Dr. Brown he was awesome at explaining what kind of treatment I would need and how the accident impacted me. I never felt lost and always knew I had a doctor who genuinely cared about my overall health. I feel amazing now that I am done with treatment. My everyday headaches have finally gone away as well as the constant pain in my neck and back. Creekside Chiropractic took amazing care of me and I know they will take amazing care of you. If you are looking for the perfect chiropractor, you have found it!”

- Jennifer O.

Lower back, sports injury pain treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84106

“Dr. Brown is seriously awesome! I hurt my lower back at the gym and I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life. He was able to see me the same day I called. Him and Tori, the receptionist, where very accommodating and helped me get back on my feet. Literally. Within a week I was feeling like myself again. NO PAIN!! I usually don't like doctors cause I feel like most of them only care about money and pushing drugs to get their kick backs. Not Dr. Brown. He genuinely cares for his patients and will do everything he can to help you. I absolutely highly recommend Dr. Brown!!”

- Eddie B.

Auto injury treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84106

“Dr. Brown and his staff are incredible. I have been going for several months after a bad car accident and can feel and see the results. Dr. Brown does a great job of explaining exactly what he’s doing and why he’s doing it and made me feel extremely confident that he could help me. If anyone is looking for a new chiropractor I highly suggest stopping into his office.”

- Kevin F.

Sciatica Pain treatment in Millcreek, Utah, 84124

“Dr. Brown is hands down the best chiropractor that I have ever gone to. As someone that works in the health field I appreciate the thoroughness and scientific approach that he clearly brings to his practice. I started treatment with Dr. Brown because one morning I woke up in tears and couldn't stand up straight. I had no idea why my back was hurting, but I was leaving on a trip the next day. I called at least 6 chiropractic offices. Dr. Brown was the first one to return my phone call and the only one that could get me in that day - he even came in before hours so he could help me. After seeing how competent he was and learning that I could correct my alignment to create REAL change, I was in. I no longer have headaches, my back rarely hurts and my sciatica issues have improved vastly. Dr. Brown has improved my life and I'm so grateful I met him!”

- Arin H.

Chiropractic care in Millcreek, Utah, 84124

“I met Dr. Brown at a Farmers Market (first good sign) and after 12+ years of daily neck pain, I decided would give him a shot. The cause of my neck pain probably stemmed from a car accident and years of football. The last 5 years I've felt like I had not actually slept at all no matter how long I was actually in bed along with daily headaches that made life really rough. The lack of sleep and pain made my relationship with myself and my loved ones extremely hard due to my body never properly healing on a nightly basis. This last Sunday I woke up with a pain that put me in tears and was convinced my body was just going down the drain. I met with Dr. Brown the next day and by the end of the week my life had changed. I am actually PAIN FREE for the first time in YEARS. I told Dr. Brown that my R.E.M. stage of sleep along with dreams have been constipated for the last 5 years because of the pain. The floodgates opened up due to Dr. Brown's great work allowing for great nights of sleep/dreaming with NO PAIN. Dr. Brown is a true professional that cares about his patients health instead of treating them like numbers. If you are on the fence about chiropractic care or are looking for the right Dr., please do yourself and everyone who cares about you a favor and call Dr. Brown right now. We only have the one body and life, might as well make it as pleasant as possible right? Thanks Dr. Brown and to the staff at Creekside for everything.”

- John M.

Hip pain in Millcreek, Utah, 84106

“I love my experience with Dr. Brown. He is very thro and pops me back in alignment in no time. I would highly recommend him for anyone suffering from debilitating low back, neck and hip pain. I have chronic pain stiffness and suffer from multiple serious car accidents. We are currently doing traction on my neck and it is working great! I really appreciate Creekside Chiropractic”

- Duncan L.