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hip pain chiropractic adjustment

Hip pain is often used as a vague term in the medical community. Sometimes your pain in the hip can come from the sacroiliac joints, which are located directly below your low back. The hip joint is found at the top of the thigh bone where it connects to the pelvis. People commonly complain of pain radiating to the groin.

Pain in this region can be due to various reasons, which include hip joint degeneration, soft tissue dysfunction with tendons, ligaments and/or muscles. The soft tissues often become irritated due to overuse, normal wear and tear or structural misalignment. We refer to these misalignments as “subluxations”. These subluxations force the hips and pelvis to function asymmetrically, leading to irritation of the nerves and soft tissues of the joint. If subluxations are not corrected over an extended period, degeneration can happen.

It is important that a proper exam and consultation is performed to determine the nature of your hip pain. The sooner the cause of your hip pain is diagnosed, the less likely it will become progressive and cause degenerative changes in the joint.

Did you know that Hip Pain Adjustments can help with:

Are you feeling any of the hip pains below?

  • Pain in the hip joint
  • Pain radiating into the groin
  • Limping due to pain
  • Improvement of gait
  • Improvement of posture

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